Lamp Control

With this project you can control your home lamp with your android smartphone via bluetooth!

This Project include all steps for construction:

  • App designing
  • Box designing
  • Box 3d printing 
  • Electronic part arrangement
  1. Arduino mini pro.
  2. Power supply DC 5V >400mA.
  3. Relay module DC 5V coil, Max load 10A.
  4. Bluetooth module HC06.
  • Connection
  1. Connect 5V from power supply to Arduino "VCC pin", bluetooth module "VCC pin"Relay module "VCC pin".
  2. Connect GND from power supply to Arduino "GND pin"bluetooth module "GND pin"Relay module "GND pin".
  3. Connect RX pin from Arduino to bluetooth module "TX pin".
  4. Connect TX pin from Arduino to bluetooth module "RX pin".
  5. Connect Pin 14 from Arduino mini pro to Relay module "IN pin".

  • Software
  1. Arduino Programming CLICK FOR INSTRUCTIONS
  3. Android Application CLICK TO DOWNLOAD APK FILE